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Absolute Aquatics Learn to Swim program was developed to help children of all ages gain a life-long love of swimming. Our small class sizes and technique based approach ensures consistency every week. Our team are highly qualified and are dedicated to help your children gain confidence in and out of the water.


30 Minutes
3 Children per lesson

This learn to swim class is for a beginner swimmer that is unfamiliar with the water. They will learn confidence in this class learning how to hold their breath underwater and be comfortable with water over their eyes. They will gain confidence to play and move around freely unassisted. They will be introduced to front and back kicking.


Nipper rays

30 Minutes
5 Children per lesson

This learn to swim is for the beginner swimmer who will be instructed in how to balance correctly front and back. They will learn how to move freely in, over and through the water, to fall in and return to the side with no assistance. They will be introduced to freestyle and backstroke kicking and full stoke over 5 meters.


Bronze Rays

30 Minutes 
5 Children per lesson

This Learn to swim class will continue to teach correct balance and technique in freestyle and backstroke over 12.5 meters. The swimmer will learn to dive from the seated position and learn the beginnings on breaststroke and butterfly.


Silver Rays

30 Minutes
7 Children per lesson

This is the final level of Learn to swim. The swimmer will continue to develop good technique in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly will be strengthened. Fitness will improve by increasing distance in kicking and swimming to 25 meters. Standing dives are introduced. At this level the swimmer is able to enter into Club Competitions at various venue.


Gold Rays

60 Minutes 
10 Children per lesson

This is the first level of Development squad. This squad still runs for 1 hour per session and the workload is a lot higher. The swimmer will learn to work off the pace clock and learning to complete sets within a squad program. Technique is still paramount, legal turns, starts and training etiquette are enforced and competitions are encouraged.

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